Every Home Should Have Original Art
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5 Reasons Every Home Should Have Original Art

Every home should have original art. The benefits of art are reaped on all levels, from individual, to family, to society. Here are five benefits of having original art in the home:

    1. Original art is personal.
    2. Original art has a story.
    3. Original art generates conversation.
    4. Original art creates culture.
    5. Original art is a luxury.

Original art adds a personal touch to any environment. Its creation is personal as well as its meaning. It wasn’t made by a copy machine or mass produced. It was made by human hands, individually, one at a time. Because original art was made individually, it is unique, and one of a kind. It is exclusive because there is none other like it out there in the world. Its unique quality adds a richness unachievable by copy machines that copy work. This is why it is not the same experience to see a photograph of a place as it is to be there. By the same principle, a photograph of a work of art doesn’t do justice to experiencing the real thing. This is not to say that photography isn’t an art form in and of itself. It most certainly is, but here I’m speaking of originals versus copies. A photograph may be an original piece of art, but a photograph of the Sistine chapel or of Michelangelo’s David is certainly not the same as experiencing the real thing. Similarly, having a photo of someone is not the same as meeting them in person. The original is always the best.

Original art has a story. A story of its creation, a story of its creator, a story of its meaning in the eyes of both the creator and the viewer. Stories bring meaning to life. Stories are one way we relate to each other as members of the human family. Think about it, how often have you felt close to someone- even a stranger you have never met- after you have heard their story. Our culture is full of stories. The news, our entertainment, stories of athletes, stories of musicians, politicians, cancer survivors. Stories of suffering, stories of success. Often these stories provide meaning and purpose. Our appreciation is deepened when we know a person’s story. Art is a powerful way of communicating these stories.

Original art is a conversation piece. It generates conversation, engaging host and guest in meaningful and pleasing dialogue. Conversation deepens relationships. Conversation is an opportunity to share our stories. Generally people who come into my house know I am an artist and appreciate seeing my work in person. This is both gratifying to me as the artist and enjoyable to them as the viewer as well.

Art creates culture. By purchasing original art, you become a patron of the arts. Your support allows the artist to continue to produce work. Collective patronage of the arts, in harmonious conjunction with the production of art, creates culture. Being a patron of the arts isn’t something that touches the individual purchaser of the work alone, but others as well. Purchasing art is a contribution to society in the sense that it an individual testament to the value of art in society. Individually the purchase of art is a declaration of value, collectively it established culture. A culture which values the arts is rich indeed. This culture can, and should, be cultivated in the home.

Art is a luxury. The idea that art is a luxury is deeply rooted. Original art has long been associated with the aristocracy, the rich in society who could afford it’s luxury. Having original art in your home elevates the environment and makes it more luxurious. Because of this historical association with the aristocracy, original art is often viewed as expensive. While this may be true of some art, it is not true of all art. There are many sources for affordable original art, if you know where to get it.

Do you have original art in your home? What benefits have you experienced from having original art in your home? Share in the comments.




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  1. What you have said is perfect,i enjoy the few pieces that have been given to me.I have had repare people telme how much they enjoy the few art pieces that I have. The one Norma Sue has painted for me is one that is very much enjoyed.I have never shown her the carved canes we brought from our mission wth us nor the basket that they used ot catch fish in the streams. Norma you help me look for beauty in every thing. Thanks

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