Sons of Apollo

  • Book 1: Mate For A Centaur
  • Book 2: Ixion’s Curse
  • Book 3: Centaur Without A Herd
  • Book 4: Son Of The Alpha
  • Book 5: Kentauris
  • Book 6: Centaur’s Daughter

Several generations have passed since the Oracle of Apollo prophesied that her sons would battle over a woman. Since that great Centauromachy (battle) the kentauroi (centaurs) have been driven from their homeland in Thessaly and scattered across Hellas. Some centaurs believe the herds should unite to take back their homeland by force if necessary. Palaimon, a descendant of Apollo, has another plan to redeem the centaur race.

Book I: Mate For A Centaur

Nais, Princess of Boiotia, never expected anything less than an arranged marriage. There were plenty of suitors to choose from. Her father, King Nycteus, a pious man as well as loving father, sought the wisdom of the gods in the matter of his daughter’s betrothal. The Delphic Oracle instructed the king to award his daughter’s hand to the winner of the Olympic Games. It seemed as if the gods themselves would claim the Princess as rumors spread that Nais would wed the son of Zeus, for who could defeat Heracles in competition at his father’s own festival? Nais’ future appeared favorably certain until a herd of centaurs arrived in Olympia to compete for the Princess.

Luna- A Story of Christ

Luna- A Story of Christ, by Bob LaBass,¬†is the story of the Savior’s birth, death and resurrection, as told from the point of view of the sun, the moon, and the Christmas star.

Luna is upset when she hears Sol gets a special day to shine at the birth of the baby Jesus. Sol gets to see everything important down on earth. To make matters worse, Luna learns her own special day will be marred by Jesus’ death. It is not until she meets a new star named Beth that she learns the importance of this singular event.

The author asked me to illustrate this story while I was in the fine art department at Brigham Young University- Idaho earning my bachelor’s degree. Working on this project gave me the opportunity to utilize what I was learning and apply it immediately to a project I was pleased to be a part of. This picture book is an excellent gift to celebrate the life of the Savior at Christmas, or Easter, or for a Baptism.

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The original illustrations are part of the collection of the Author.

Selected images from the production notebook: (including original character design and storyboard concepts)