Sons of Apollo- Series

In all of mythology the centaurs are cast as the villains; drunken, brawling, womanizers, but every villain is the hero of his own story.

Several generations have passed since the Oracle of Apollo prophesied that her sons would battle over a woman. Since that great Centauromachy (battle) the kentauroi (centaurs) have been driven from their homeland in Thessaly and scattered across Hellas. Some centaurs believe the herds should unite to take back their homeland by force if necessary. Palaimon, a descendant of Apollo, has another plan to redeem the centaur race.

Pronunciation Guide- Sons of Apollo

Amymone (a-mi-mo-nee) Aristaios (ar-is-tie-us) Eurymachus (u-rim-ah-kus) Isoples (ī-so-pleez) Melankhaites (mel-an-kai-tayz) Melanippe (mel-uh-nip-ee) Melicertes (mel-i-cer-teez) Nais (nī-us) Nycteus (nik-tay-us) Palaimon (puh-lay-mon) Petraios (peh-try-us) Stilbe (still-bee)