Ixion’s Curse (Book 2)

After leaving Olympia with her centaur betrothed, falling in love becomes the least of Nais’ concerns as tensions escalate between her unhappy handmaids and the eagerly amorous herd.
Forced to mediate rather than spend time with her equine champion, Nais’ diplomacy is tested when the company encounters another herd. While the women attempt an escape, Nais becomes the target of a plot to steal her centaur’s prize. Caught between an unsavory means of escaping fate, and a beast she never thought she’d love, Nais wonders if she really wants to be rescued.
But the novelty of romance is overshadowed when Nais learns the truth behind the centaurs’ unsavory reputation. Fighting for her hand is not something she left behind, but the very foundation of centaur culture. Centaurs win everything from rank to women in competition. Has Nais become the centaurs’ most coveted prize? Can her centaur protect her from his own people?