Artist’s Statement

Portrait of Norma Sue O’Neil in a turquoise shirt with books in the background
Norma Sue O’Neil, Author & Illustrator

Art is creation. The ability to create is one of humankind’s God-given endowments. As His children, we alone among His creations, have the ability to transcend instinct to use imagination and create beautiful things. If cleanliness is next to godliness, then creativity is kin to divinity.

Among all the varied forms of art, the one I am most passionate about is narrative art. Art that tells a story. This passion is perhaps why I also write. I love stories. And so, my art is also the telling of stories.

Each of us has a story, and each story is deeply personal. When I create a work I am attempting to share a part of my imagination with the viewer. It is said that man sees things not as they are, but as he is. Because of these deeply personal views, art becomes highly subjective. This is true of viewing art as much as it is of making art. Often the viewer has their own interpretation of the work which may or may not differ from the creator. This perspective then becomes part of the narrative and the act of creation is shared by both artist and spectator.

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