Unsung Odyssey, series

To Hear The Siren Sing (Book I): What if Odysseus escaped his ship to answer the call of the sirens’ song? Then his crew, with beeswax in their ears had to come rescue him.

Daughter Of Odysseus (Book II): Sixteen years later a mermaid washes up onshore in Ithaca claiming to be his daughter, living proof he lied about sailing past the island. She needs her father’s help to get back her voice so she can sing her own siren song.

Sons Of Nobody (Book III): The sons of Odysseus (born to Circe and Calypso), together with their siren sister, enlist their eldest brother Telemachus to help them on a quest to retrieve the armor of Achilles, and other artifacts, their father won at Troy, but lost on his voyage home.

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