Every Home Should Have Original Art
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5 Reasons Every Home Should Have Original Art

Every home should have original art. The benefits of art are reaped on all levels, from individual, to family, to society. Here are five benefits of having original art in the home: Original art is personal. Original art has a story. Original art generates conversation. Original art creates culture. Original art is a luxury. Original… Continue reading 5 Reasons Every Home Should Have Original Art


What does “me graphsen” mean?

"Me Graphsen" (με γραφσεν) literally means, "wrote/drew me" in Attic Greek. From grapho (γραφω), meaning to write or to draw/paint. From this same word we get other common English words such as graph, graphic, calligraphy (meaning beautiful writing), geography (literally meaning earth writing), biography (life writing), lithography (stone writing), and many others. In ancient Greece, craftsmen… Continue reading What does “me graphsen” mean?


Art is Creation

     As a senior at Brigham Young University- Idaho in the fine art department, all students are required to take the dreaded Readings class- a 400 level art theory class with two thick texts. For art students (who have a reputation for being the not-so-academic-type students taking “mickey-mouse” courses) studying centuries-worth of philosophies about art… Continue reading Art is Creation