Creativity Changes The World

Everything that exists in this world does so because someone was creative. Creativity is that powerful. Unfortunately too many people prescribe to the limiting believe that creativity has something exclusively to do with drawing ability or innate talent. This is the Myth of Creativity. Don’t believe it! While being an artist is largely a creative… Continue reading Creativity Changes The World

Watercolor Painting
Creativity, Motherhood

Creativity: Motherhood vs. Art

I met a woman recently who commented that she had never pursued her art as fully as she’d have liked because her mother had discouraged her with the message that she couldn’t make any money doing art; that it wasn’t practical. My heart broke for her. I could see her passion as well as feel… Continue reading Creativity: Motherhood vs. Art

Luxurious Living

Don’t Buy Luxury, Create it!

Contrary to popular belief, luxury in life need not be bought, it can be created. The truly luxurious things in life, seldom require money at all. As an artist in the blogosphere, what is my message? Well, not surprisingly, my message is about creativity. The world needs more creativity. Why? Because creativity solves problems. Creativity… Continue reading Don’t Buy Luxury, Create it!